Flovac Vacuum Sewerage Projects

Alcudiamar, Balearic Islands, Spain
Environmental protection in the port of Barcelona, Spain
Canouan, San Vicente y las Granadinas (Antillas Menores del Caribe)
Marina Vela, Barcelona, Spain
Carrefour, Barcelona, Spain
Llay-Llay, Valparaíso Region, Chile
Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain
London Olympics 2012
Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain
Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Valencia, España (sede de 2 ediciones de America's Cup)
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Vacuum sewerage projects can be found in over 40 countries as a low cost, environmentally friendly and reliable method of transferring wastewater away from houses to treatment plants.

Proyecto de alcantarillado por vacío

The key driver of the Flovac company and the products that are offered, is in reducing man footprint on the environment with respect to the impact that wastewater systems have on energy, water consumption and the environment.

Nearly all vacuum sewerage projects are areas with very bad ground conditions. (high water table, hard rock, acid sulphate soils etc.) The objective of the designer is to keep all infrastructure as shallow in the ground as is possible.

The average size catchment area for a municipal sewerage system is 1,000 houses, but this can range from a single house to complex systems with over 500,000 people.

Septic Tank Replacement Projects

Most of these areas have not installed conventional gravity systems due to the high costs involved. The town may be on very flat land or a high water table that would require very deep gravity mains causing not only a high maintenance cost but also a high construction cost.

Deep gravity lines may be impossible in certain areas because of the wide trenching interfering with homes, trees or other services. Vacuum sewers provide an ideal solution.


Reemplazo de fosas sépticas

New Residential Developments and Resorts

Vacuum Sewerage technology has been fantastic for developers. Many areas that were once thought too difficult or expensive to sewer have now opened up.

Vacuum systems almost always cost less to install and less to maintain than traditional gravity systems, and certainly less than pressurized systems with grinder pumps. A single vacuum pump station will usually be sufficient to support an entire project.


Alcantarillado en promociones residenciales
Soluciones desplegables de alcantarillado

Deployable Vacuum Sewerage Systems

Temporary Camps, whether emergency, workers accommodation, mining, military or refugee need to transport sewage from ablution blocks, kitchens and laundries. Installation of pipework can be time consuming, expensive and be damaging to the environment.

Flovac’s deployable vacuum system can be deployed to site and established within 24 hours. Upon redeployment can be packed and ready for transport within 24 hours, leaving the site as you found it.


Sewerage Systems for Marina’s and Port Facilities

Vacuum systems can handle either small or luxury boats, larger commercial vessels or ferries. An easy coupling attached to a flexible hose can be attached to the vessels sewage holding tank, to a pedestal in its berth or in a point for all the marina. The manual or automatic on/off switch can also be timer controlled, coin or card operated or remotely electrically controlled.


Alcantarillado por vacío en puertos