Flovac Deployable Sewerage Solutions

Flovac provides for a safe easily deployable sewerage solutions with limited power requirements and is low maintenance.


Soluciones desplegables de alcantarillado

1. VPS; 2. Vacuum Main; 3. Collection Pit; 4. Gravity Line; 5. Deployed Flovac System

The Flovac Deployable Systems can be provided in conjunction with treatment or with camlock fittings to allow for easy access via sucker trucks.

Ideal for camps from 50 people to 5,000.

Mining camps and Fly Camps

Refugee and Emergency Centres

Event Infrastructure

Military Camps

Temporary Camps, whether emergency, workers accommodation, mining, military or refugee need to transport sewage from ablution blocks, kitchens and laundries. Installation of pipework can be time consuming, expensive and be damaging to the environment.

Camp Bastion Afghanistan

Flovac’s deployable vacuum system can be deployed to site and established within 24 hours.

Upon redeployment can be packed and ready for transport within 24 hours, leaving the site as you found it.

All infrastructure delivered in re-deployable 20 ft containers, simply install the pipe network, power up the pump station and turn it on.

The only power requirement is at the pump station.

Collection pipe work can be laid above ground or buried at minimum depth and collects all wastewater within the camp.

All systems pre-tested and commissioned prior to delivery and suitable for all climates

Can be supplied with containerised treatment plants if required

Also available with pre-constructed ablution blocks containing vacuum toilets to reduce water use in remote camps

No leaks, overflows or odours and all fully automated and monitored.

London Olympics 2012

Our products are part of the NATO catalog