Vacuum sewerage technology, the best solution for liquid industrial waste

  • 18 December, 2018
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Treatment of liquid industrial waste

Liquid industrial waste are wastewater generated in industrial establishments as a result of a process, activity or service. Liquid industrial waste discharging are singular because they have a high concentration of pollution and contaminant substances. They can create corrosion, incrustation and even obstruction in the sewerage pipe network. This situation could be the beginning of serious environmental issues.

Treatment of liquid industrial waste. Flovac.

Liquid industrial waste

Environmental safety for the discharge of liquid industrial waste

However, vacuum sewerage systems offer a solution to this problem. The hermetic seal of the pipes avoids filtration to the terrain. Furthermore, as the net works with vacuum force, if air enters into the pipes, the system automatically stops working. This allows the technical operators to detect where the problem has been produced and solve it as fast as possible.

The force of the vacuum drags the liquid industrial waste that enter the system. Speeds of the order of 5 m/s are achieved, as can be seen in the video, which makes it more difficult for obstructions to appear on the network. Thanks to the force of the vacuum, there is no need for pumping. In industrial areas the terrain is usually flat, and vacuum sewerage systems reduce costs since they do not require deep trenches during the installation.

Safety in ATEX areas

Given all these characteristics, the system only uses electricity in the vacuum pump station. The vacuum valve is fully pneumatic, and therefore it is intrinsically safe in ATEX areas (areas in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in the air is likely to occur occasionally during normal operation). These areas need a secure installation, and vacuum sewerage systems guarantee the maximum safety. There is no danger of short circuits that could trigger a reaction with gases in the ATEX zone because electricity is only used in the VPS.

Flovac’s Smart Monitoring System

The Flovac smart monitoring system (either wired or wireless) allows operators to immediately respond to potential risks or changes in the sewage network. This software makes it possible to know if a spill has occurred at any point in an industrial warehouse. In the case of industrial areas, Flovactronic allows the operators to know the origin of any irregular discharges. To read more about Flovac’s smart monitoring system, you can click here.

For all these reasons, Flovac is the most suitable option for the treatment and discharge of liquid industrial waste, especially in risk areas or environmentally sensitive areas.

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