Sewerage Systems for Residential Developers

Vacuum Sewerage technology has been fantastic for developers. Many areas that were once thought too difficult or expensive to sewer have now opened up.

Vacuum sewerage systems almost always cost less to install and less to maintain than traditional gravity systems, and certainly less than pressurized systems with grinder pumps.

A single vacuum pump station will usually be sufficient to support an entire project.

Lower cost installation.

Easy maintenance

Environmentally friendly

Easier staging

Low initial capital costs

Ease of installation

Single pump station

Versatile location for VPS

The shallow trenching and small diameter pipework ensures a speedy cost effective installation. This ensures less conflicts with other services to be installed.

Pacific Harbour Case Study (Download PDF)

Smithfield Village Case Study (Download PDF)

Cost Savings

A vacuum sewerage system almost always costs less to install than a gravity flow system because our vacuum system uses small pipe in shallow, narrow trenches, and there are no manholes.

Once installed, it continues to save money because the tight system eliminates inflow and infiltration (I&I). This is even more important if you are charged by the liter when treatment is by others.

Less Intrusive

Shallow, narrow trenches and absence of manholes also mean there is less surface disruption than with gravity systems which must follow favorable topography. Gravity systems can result in manholes in a golf course, potential for odor, and ex-filtration. All this can be eliminated with a vacuum system.

Deferred Costs

Some costs of a vacuum sewerage system can be deferred. For instance, vacuum valves do not have to be installed until a property is sold. This cost can be added to the selling price of the lot.

Overcome Site Conditions

A vacuum sewerage system can be used to overcome site difficulties such as flat land, sandy or acid-sulphate soils, high groundwater, and rock, which are common in new developments.

Because the horizontal and vertical direction of our sewer mains may be changed easily, developers have more flexibility in site configuration and lot layout.

Accepted Superior System

Many times, developers install sewer systems that will be operated and maintained by others.

Often, the final owner is not aware of vacuum or its track record as a proven, reliable alternative to gravity-flow systems.

We are available to help you design the perfect system for your needs, and to help explain its features and benefits to others.

Easy Staging

With conventional gravity sewers, as you add new stages to your development, the large equipment, blasting, and deep open trenches increase the dirt, danger, and disruption to existing homes and children who live there.

These negatives are minimized with vacuum.

State-of-the-art Technology

Vacuum sewer systems are used all over the world and their use has risen dramatically over the past ten years.

Now, many view vacuum as the system of choice because initial costs and on-going operating expenses are low, there is no man-entry into confined spaces, and no exposure to raw sewage.

Space Saving

A vacuum station can replace five or six lift stations necessary in a gravity-flow system. With vacuum, that land is available for profitable home sites. This also minimizes hard to sell lots. Nobody wants to live next to a lift station.