Vacuum sewerage in hotel complex

  • 19 March, 2019
complejos hoteleros / hotel complex
Ideal para complejos hoteleros: zanjas poco profundas /hotel complex

Superficial trenches allow the installation in high water level areas

Vacuum sewerage is a waste water collecting and transporting system. It provides service from each throwing point to the treatment plant. It’s an economical, ecological and strong alternative to the conventional gravity systems in rocky, flat or with a high-water level area. Therefore, it’s the perfect system for hotel complex.

This system only requires electrical power in the vacuum station. The station can provide services up to 5km in flat terrain to multiple vacuum lines of different diameters. Pipes are installed in superficial trenches, from 1 to 1,5m. This means a saving in construction costs in flat areas. There is no need to dig too much nor install pumping.

The vacuum sewerage system is the most adequate to protect the environment. There aren’t leaks to the soil. In case of fissure in the pipes, air enters the system and it’s detected, so the problem is rapidly solved. It doesn’t consume much power and it saves water. It allows to separate grey water from black water. Furthermore, it isn’t smelly at all. When 40 litres are reached, vacuum valve opens and transport the waste water to the vacuum station in a high speed, so there isn’t stagnant water.


Flovactronic system is Flovac’s telecontrol. This technology automatically controls the system, makes complete failure diagnoses, verifies the flow, notifies the risk of overflow, optimises the power and adjusts the system. It is controlled remotely, and it allows knowing all this information from Flovac’s control centre. This supposes a great reduction of maintenance costs and it avoids the use of intermediate registration pits. Thanks to Flovactronic it is possible to set a seasonal use of the system.

This last functionality is especially important in the vacuum sanitation installation in hotel complex, as their use is seasonal and, therefore, they can benefit in a great way from a sewerage system that can be seasonal too. Furthermore, it is very important for the hotels to have a reliable and controlled system, which can be discretely and fast repaired in case of need and that it doesn’t smell.

In addition, Flovac’s vacuum sanitation is the most adequate in coastal areas. Due to the use of superficial trenches and the water tightness of pipes, the high-water level is not an obstacle to the correct work of the system. A single vacuum station can provide service to the hotels near the beach and to the buildings of the area as well. A good example of this is the installation in Santa Pola (Alicante).

For further information, check our PDF about the system: Saneamiento por vacío Flovac en complejos hoteleros.

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