Flovactronic: Flovac’s Smart Monitoring System

Flovactronic: Flovac's Smart Monitoring System

Flovactronic is a smart monitoring software for vacuum sewerage systems designed and developed by Flovac. This technology is specialized in monitoring and supervising any Flovac installation with the aim of detecting and reporting any problem, failure or obstruction within the network in a very short period of time. The ability to quickly be aware of a problem and respond to the exact location is also a major benefit, especially when dealing with either remote or large schemes.

Flovac has developed a protocol for monitoring all aspects of a vacuum sewerage system. The monitoring takes place in two main sections: the vacuum pump station and the vacuum pipe network. For the vacuum pump station, the software collects the following data: tank levels, vacuum levels, operating hours, condition of the protections, etc. And for the vacuum pipe network, the software monitors the following items: the condition of each vacuum and sectioning valve, the vacuum level at intermediate points or line ends, etc.

The Flovac smart monitoring system (either wired or wireless) allows operators to immediately respond to potential risks or changes in the sewage network. For instance, infiltrations or illegal stormwater connections into the system; blockages, leaks or failures that may occur; any variations in the vacuum levels; and even variations in the energy consumption at the vacuum pump station.

One of the great advantages that Flovactronic presents is flexibility when carrying out the control. The software allows any installation to be supervised from the same vacuum station, from the own control center in the central offices or from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The control can also be very easily integrated into SCADA.

System Analysis and Troubleshooting

The Flovactronic control software can solve in a very simple, intuitive and economical way all the problems that other monitoring softwares can't solve. For example, basic aspects such as long distances and multiple dispersed points.

The software works for either large, medium or small installations, and while it is able to collect and monitor large amounts of data, it can be programmed to simply send an alarm SMS or email in the event of any incident.

Flovactronic checkpoints

Flovactronic covers and monitors the following sections using the latest technologies, such as 4G or lower networks, EDGE networks, GPRS networks, GSM networks or radio frequency.

Vacuum Pump Station. The VPS is the building that houses the collection tank, the discharge pumps, the vacuum pumps and the controls. The most relevant signals that Flovactronic monitors are: safety sensors of the electromechanical equipment, process levels and alarms, access control and intrusion detection, etc.

Vacuum Pipe Network. The pipe network allows sewage to go from the collection pit to the VPS. Flovactronic collects information of the status of the sectioning valves, the vacuum levels, etc.

Vacuum Valves. The software collects specific information about the status of each valve in the system (low performance, etc.).

Monitoring of the Vacuum Station

The main items and data displayed on the main screen of the vacuum pump station control are the following:

  • Vacuum and Impulsion Pumps (start/stop, automatic/manual, etc.).
  • Inlet and Outlet Valves (open/closed).
  • Purge Valve (open/closed).
  • Vacuum Levels (analog signal with indication of the actual vacuum level).
  • Water Level in the Tank (analog signal with graphic indication of the actual water level).
  • Alarm Level (digital signal).
  • Flood Levels at the Vacuum Pump station (digital signal).

Additionally, more specific and advanced signals can be added. For instance: soft starters, variable frequency drives, flow measurement, water intrusion detection, temperature, humidity and electricity consumption, among others. Also, Flovactronic can easily incorporate external information at a very low cost.

Monitoring of the Vacuum Pipe Network

The main screen for the vacuum pipe network displays information about the distribution of the vacuum lines, the suction points, the isolating valves, etc. Flovactronic collects data for each pipe network line.

A first general screen is necessary for installations with many lines or with a large number of suction points. The most relevant information of each vacuum section can be checked in the general screen. All information is displayed in real-time to optimize the global management of the system.

Customization for each customer and system

Depending on the complexity of the system, we will recommend the basic monitoring (vacuum station) or the advanced monitoring (vacuum station and pipe network). Also, thanks to the versatility of the software interface, the screens can be customized to show specific data according to the needs of each client.

Here we list the main advantages of having a smart monitoring system like Flovactronic:

Real-time information. To obtain real-time information on the status of the installation. That is, information on the vacuum levels, the performance of each component, intrusions, etc.

Anticipation and Issue Prevention. Fast and easy identification of any problems or issues in the network (such as illegal storm water connections or other causes of infiltration), which reduces reparation costs.

Security. Although there is backup equipment in case of emergency, the software prevents incidents and increases the reliability of vacuum sewer systems.

The Flovactronic smart software can be used in any Flovac vacuum sewerage installation: in residential developments, hotels and resorts, ports and marinas, industrial warehouses, supermarkets, etc. Flovactronic’s versatility and adaptability are the best guarantee of success.

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