Flovac Valve Blockage Test

Flush-able Wet Wipes, Golf balls, telephones? What gets flushed down the sewer system surprises many people but not seasoned operators who have seen it all.

The Flovac valve, with a 50-year design life, is designed for municipal sewers and needs to be resilient. We asked many operators from around the world what items give them the biggest headaches in their gravity sewer networks with respect to blockages.

At Flovac’s research and development office in Venray our team had great fun putting different objects into the Collection Pit to see how the Flovac valve and pipework handled the strange array of objects.

The valve standards in many countries including Australia and Europe demand that the vacuum valve can handle a number of items like plastic bags, nappies, condoms and sanitary pads; and we had an official from DEKRA, an independent testing and certification company standing by to certify that the valve passed each item in one actuation of the valve.

After the certification was finished the operators had their fun and put through anything which had been suggested by global operators. Have a look at the video to see how they went.