Flovac System PE Collection Pit

Flovac PE Collection Pit

Vacuum system installers prefer the Flovac PE pit because of its ease of installation, low cost and that it comes pre-assembled to site.

Operators prefer the Flovac PE pit as it restricts any contact with sewage, there are no odours and infiltration is eliminated.

Confined spaces are not an issue and dropping things in the pit (like mobile phones) no longer means that they disappear down the sewer line.

The Flovac PE pit houses both the Flovac valve and sump in a single unit.

There are no confined space issues for the operator.

There is an easy access hatch allowing operators to see clearly if anything is in the sump, allowing for easy extraction.

Lightweight design makes installation easier at 86 kg.

Water tight from infiltration.

The cost of the single PE pit incorporating all pipework and valves is significantly cheaper than any alternative.

 Sewage can never enter the top section of the pit housing the valve.

No gases or odours can emit to the top section of the pit.

Pits are delivered to site with valves and all pipework fully installed correctly at the factory.

Resistant to H2S gases and acid sulphate soil corrosion.

The Flovac PE pit is available in different sizes.

The standard pit is 1.9 metre (6 ft) deep pit which incorporates the Flovac Valve and all pipework.

Typically 4 houses are connected to the standard PE Pit.

The Emergency storage volume is 400 litres (100 gallons).

A larger capacity well is used for schools and other buildings.

For special cases, Flovac manufactures customized pits, according to the needs of each client.