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  • 11 September, 2017
Alcantarillado sistema / Vacuum system

The Flovac’s vacuum sewerage system presents lots of advantages in buildings’ interior

Flovac’s vacuum sewerage system is more effective than the traditional gravity system in installations. This is due to the fact that the net of small vacuum pipes can be installed in the ceiling (or fake ceiling), without caring about the drainage system.

Furthermore, the vacuum pipes system is not conditioned to a gradient thanks to the lifts. In comparison, the gravity draining systems need larger gradients and diameters. The vacuum valve controller works without electric connection.

The vacuum central installation is designed according to the needs of each installation, with a minimum set of equipment:

  • Vacuum tank: collects the waste water and works as a vacuum reserve.
  • Vacuum generators: generate the necessary depression in the tank and in the vacuum net at the same time.
  • Dashboard: Flovac’s management system.
  • Impulsion valves: they impulse the waste water to the public sewer.

The vacuum pipes system is formed by all the main and secondary lines, verticals and horizontals from the vacuum central installation to the vacuum valve

The main material used for this net is the PVC-U pipe in PN10. This material has a smooth and not porous interior, has a good resistance to the agents from the waste water and it’s capable to stand negative pressures up to -1000HPa (-1bar). The accessories are made with PVC-U as well and their unions are glued. It’s possible to use other materials to non habitual conditions.

The setting of the vacuum net provides to each device a connection formed by a sectional valve, a vacuum outlet and an interconnection valve. When the pipes network is being built, it can be used:

  • Vertical lifts (to the roof). Only one for each connection with a top height of 6 meters. The allowed deviation is 30 centimeters.
  • Horizontal lifts. Always are set in 45º. Usually the standard height is 30 centimeters but it can be lower.

The vacuum interface devices divide the atmospheric pressure phase from the pipe’s depression phase and they allow eliminating the water in the storage tank. The three components in the aspiration points are:

  • Storage tank: it collects the waste water, for example, from the condensations from fridges.
  • Vacuum valve’s controller: it determines when the valve it’s supposed to open and how many time it should remain open to get to empty all the storage tank and make sure it gets to the vacuum net (this means to climb all the vertical pipe).
  • Vacuum (or interface) valve: it provides a hermetic seal between the storage tank and the vacuum net. The valve is usually closed in case of an incorrect functioning.

For all these reasons, the Flovac’s vacuum sewerage system is the most effective solution for establishments, especially supermarkets.

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