First Flovac Project in Denmark, Hages Badehotel (Beach Hotel)

  • 19 June, 2023

First Flovac project in Denmark is linked with Denmark’s largest infrastructure project and the world’s longest immersed tunnel,The Fehmarnbelt. The land used for the Hotel and housing project has come from the earth excavated from the tunnel project.

First Flovac Project in Denmark

The project is located on the island of Lolland and the tunnel will connect Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn. Therefore it was vitally important for the developer Lidsøparken A/S and the architect Miami Ark to create a project that would fit in with the natural beauty of the area, looking after the birdlife and unique plant life. It was decided at an early stage that a vacuum sewerage system would be the only collection system suitable to meet all environmental criteria with low energy use and low impact.

STEEL ApS, who had some previous experience with vacuum systems decided in 2021 to enter a long-term relationship with Flovac. Nowadays decided to use Flovac’s vacuum valves and equipment throughout Denmark.

First Flovac Project in Denmark

Vacuum Pump Station

First stage unveils a vacuum station and multiple collection pits, designed to cater to a restaurant and an array of 72 houses, adorned with 124 apartments.The area is covered with reeds, small lakes with a clay soil and a high ground water table. Second and third stages will include a further 134 holiday houses and a luxury glamping area.

As a result the Hages Badehotel and housing is built on stilts to create the least amount of impact on the land. And that in 100 years the development could be closed and there would be no sign of any impact on the area. This is another reason why a Flovac system was chosen.

First Flovac Project in Denmark

Hages Badehotel 

First Flovac Project in Denmark

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