El nuevo pantalán de club de mar contará con tecnología Flovac /pier

The biggest pier in the Mediterranean will benefit from Flovac’s sanitation

Flovac's vacuum sanitation system is going to be added in the remodeling taking place in the marina Club de Mar Mallorca, which will include the fitting out of a new superyachts pier. The pier will be able to accommodate four yachts between 170 and 136 meters and up to 24 …

Sydney superyacht marina gets a Flovac makeover

Sydney superyacht marina sewage pump out system upgrade This standout marina was first built in the late nineties to accommodate visitors to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since that time, not only have the yachts gotten bigger but the requirements of many of the superyacht owners have reached the point where…
marinas de lujo / luxury marinas

Luxury marinas are interested in Flovac’s system

From Spain to the Caribbean or Vietnam, luxury marinas prefer vacuum sewerage Some marinas around the world have shown interest in Flovac's vacuum sewerage. This system allows service to be provided to the luxury mega yachts in the berth, as well as the facilities in the marina. Only with one…
Yates de lujo atracarán en Ana Marina / Luxury yachts arrive to Ana Marina

Vietnam’s first marina with vacuum sewerage will have Flovac’s system

Ana Marina, in Nha Trang (Vietnam), has started its construction. This is the first marina for luxury yachts in the country and it's also the first with a vacuum sewerage system –supplied by Flovac. Nha Trang is one of the touristiest cities in Vietnam, thanks to its fine and white…

Great standing marinas recommend Flovac

Balearic Marinas posted an article about Flovac in their innovation section Vacuum sewage is an innovative, efective and environment friendly system. For this reason, Balearic Marinas published an article about it in their web's innovation section. They do it with Flovac's system as a reference. The system in which a…
Air view of the Reef Island

Reef Island Resort official opening in Bahrain

A high profile project and one of the largest scale vacuum sewerage systems ever designed had an official opening this month in Reef Island in Bahrain for its key resort project Reef Island decided to use a Flovac vacuum sewerage system due to the ease and speed of installation compared…
Glossy Bay

Glossy Bay Resort and Marina Project opens in the Caribbean

Flovac has provided a plug and play containerized vacuum sewer and treatment plant Flovac’s latest project in the Caribbean has opened in Canouan at Glossy Bay Resort and Marina with Flovac providing a plug and play containerized vacuum system and treatment plant, with the vacuum pits for wastewater from buildings…
Imagen extraída de la web del puerto deportivo Marina Vela

Marina Vela, new marina in Barcelona

Flovac has installed its vacuum sewerage in the recently opened Marina Vela The installed vacuum sewerage provides service to the yachts, collects the wastewater in the berth, and to the marina facilities. The marina counts with 136 berths up to 50 meters length. Furthermore, Marina Vela is close to the…
Port Vell trust Flovac's vacuum sewerage

Vacuum Sewerage, the best option in marinas

The vacuum sewerage allows boats to download the wastewater in the berth with no need of pumping. Thanks to Flovac’s vacuum system, a megayacht of more than 150 meters of length, downloads its wastewater in the berth. It does it in Port Vell, where there was no need of installing…
vacuum sewerage system

MB92’s enlargement will have a vacuum sewerage system

Flovac will install its vacuum system in the Port of Barcelona MB92, a company specialized in the maintenance and repair of big yachts, will build a new docking system in the Port of Barcelona (a lifting platform that moves vessels between the water and a working area in the yard).…

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