Willem Gooren founding partner of Flovac retires

Willem Gooren founding partner of Flovac retires

Willem Gooren, Founding Partner of Flovac, is retiring and in his honour, Flovac's global management team gathered in Greece to congratulate him on his career path. On the occasion of Willem's retirement, the Flovac 2023 Global Leaders Conference was organized, which had a large influx of members from all over…

Sydney superyacht marina gets a Flovac makeover

Sydney superyacht marina sewage pump out system upgrade This standout marina was first built in the late nineties to accommodate visitors to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since that time, not only have the yachts gotten bigger but the requirements of many of the superyacht owners have reached the point where…

Flovac opens a delegation in Houston (Texas, US)

The Texas office will manage the North American region Flovac has opened its first delegation in the US (Houston, Texas). This office will be in charge of the northern part of the American continent. After 10 years of focusing on the European, Middle Eastern and Australian/New Zealand markets, Flovac has…

New Flovac catalog

New Flovac catalog available Flovac has published a new, more complete and updated catalog of our vacuum sanitation system. The new catalog reflects the progress of the company and is a clearer and more useful tool for web visitors. Details of the Flovac vacuum sewer system and its applications can…

Flovac in Aguasresiduales.info

Aguasresiduales.info, sponsored by Flovac Flovac is now sponsor of Aguasresiduales.info, a leading digital magazine in information, training and knowledge for the water treatment sector. Flovac's news and exclusive articles about the vacuum sewerage system will be published on their website. Last Wednesday our very first article was published: "The advantages…
santa pola

New vacuum sewerage system in Santa Pola

Santa Pola has now a vacuum sewerage system Flovac has worked together with the water authorities in Valencia to solve the sewerage problems in Santa Pola, a coastal municipality in Alicante. The main issues were the aging septic tanks and the frequently salt water seepage into the sewer system, which…

10 years of Flovac in Spain

Flovac Spain celebrates its 10th anniversary This 2016 marks 10 years since Flovac decided to bring vacuum sewerage systems technology to Spain and become the leader to this innovative sector. The professionals integrating Flovac Spain had already had extensive experience in this field, as they took part in the first…

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