Flovac Expands its Facilities in Marinas and Ports of Spain

  • 4 June, 2024
flovac expands its facilities

Flovac Expands its Facilities in Marinas and Ports of Spain

Flovac expands its Facilities in Marinas and Ports of Spain. At Flovac, we are pleased to announce that by the end of the year, we will put into operation seven new facilities in different marinas and ports in Spain, including the Port of Huelva and the Port of Bilbao. These new facilities reflect our commitment to sustainability and efficiency in wastewater management, providing eco-friendly solutions that do not pollute.

flovac expands its facilities


What makes Flovac special?

Flovac expands its Facilities in Marinas and Ports of Spain

Our Eco-Friendly System

Flovac’s vacuum sewer system is an ideal option for marinas and ports of any size. This system is capable of capturing waste and bilge water not only from ships, but also from restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings located around the port. By choosing our system, you contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Adaptability and Efficiency

Our systems can handle a wide variety of vessels, from small boats to luxury yachts, large commercial ships and ferries. Connections are made quickly and easily using a flexible hose that attaches to the boat’s wastewater intake. This can be done in a turret located at the ship’s mooring or at a centralized point.

Simple and Safe Operation

The operation of the system is extremely safe and efficient:

Manual or automatic on/off: It can be controlled with a timer, by coin, card or even remotely.
Automated pumping: Larger vessels can pump their effluents to a Flovac collection well, which will be responsible for evacuating the entire volume. This way, you won’t have to worry about the level of the wastewater tank.
Pneumatic Operation: Valve/hose operation is pneumatic, meaning no electrical power is required at the dock, eliminating any risk of danger.

Discreet and Efficient Infrastructure

All infrastructure can be discreetly hidden under the port or locked in cabinets. The vacuum pump station, which generates negative pressure through the system, can be placed discreetly within the port complex. In addition, a separate system is responsible for bilge water treatment.

Environmental and Regulatory Benefits

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Environmental regulators currently require boat owners to have a MARPOL certificate from the marina, proving that they have discharged their wastewater into the port and not into the sea. Our vacuum system can easily monitor discharge volumes, ensuring compliance with these regulations and allowing the generation of benefits for the port.

Easy and Quick Installation

The pipes in our system are small in diameter and can be installed with few variations in depth, whether in trenches, galleries or under docks. As the entire pipe is under negative pressure, there is no risk of wastewater leaks, allowing joint installation with the water or electrical supply and reducing the time and number of trenches required.

Zero Pollution and No Odors

Thanks to the negative pressure, there is no risk of leaks, which is crucial in tourist areas. In addition, there will be no unpleasant odors, which is especially important in areas with restaurants and other services nearby.

Success Stories and Advanced Monitoring

Flexibility in Large Commercial Ports

We have been involved in the installation of our systems in numerous industrial and commercial ports, including container ship, mining and fishing ports. Our technology allows for easy expansion and the addition of new commercial buildings.

Remote Monitoring

The Flovac monitoring system allows you to remotely check the status of the system, detect overloads or operational problems and monitor unauthorized use and energy costs.


Flovac expands its Facilities in Marinas and Ports of Spain. At Flovac, we are proud to offer innovative and sustainable solutions for wastewater management in marinas and ports, ensuring a clean, safe and efficient environment.

We hope to continue expanding and bringing benefits to more locations in Spain and beyond!

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