Flovac in Puerto Portals of Mallorca

  • 3 April, 2024
Flovac Puerto Portals

Building a Sustainable Future in the Marinas of Mallorca

Flovac Puerto Portals

Flovac in Puerto Portals of Mallorca. In a world where sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly important, innovation plays a crucial role in finding solutions that address environmental challenges.

In this context, the company Melchor Mascaró has awarded Flovac the important vacuum sanitation project. The new phase of the remodeling work of Puerto Portals, one of the most emblematic marinas in Mallorca.

Flovac, recognized for its leadership in vacuum sanitation technology, has already left its mark on other prominent marinas on the island, such as Alcudiamar and Club de Mar.

The decision to implement the Flovac system in Puerto Portals marks significant progress in promoting cleaner and more sustainable maritime practices in the region.

The project in Puerto Portals involves the installation of a double network of pipes for the management of sewage and bilge water, with the aim of offering an efficient waste evacuation service directly from the yacht moorings.

However, this approach not only simplifies the process for boaters, but also contributes to environmental protection by minimizing pollution risks and unpleasant odors in the port.

One of the most notable features of the Flovac system is its ability to adapt to vessels of different sizes, from small boats to mega yachts.

This is achieved by installing discharge inlets on the dock edges, which allow wastewater to be sucked in by the vacuum in the network, or in the case of larger vessels, by means of their own drive pumps.

Regardless the implementation of the Flovac system in Puerto Portals not only represents a technological advance in the maritime sector. Also underlines the industry’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

By prioritizing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. This project demonstrates how innovation can play a key role in building a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.

In summary, the collaboration between Melchor Mascaró and Flovac in Puerto Portals marks an important milestone in the promotion of responsible maritime practices in Mallorca and beyond.

With its focus on innovation and excellence, Flovac continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable future in navies around the world.

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