Flovac installs its Vacuum Sewer System in Australia

  • 1 December, 2023
flovac instala sistema de alcantarillado al vacío en Australia

Flovac installs its Vacuum Sewer System

How WA Water Corporation solved unique challenges in Exmouth with the help of Flovac

Amidst the stunning beauty of Ningaloo Reef, the vacuum sewage system has emerged as a resilient and adaptable solution, especially in remote locations such as the town of Exmouth. The Western Australian Water Corporation has ingeniously demonstrated how technology, in collaboration with Flovac, has been key to addressing unique challenges.

Seasonal Challenges in Exmouth

Located 1,100 km north of Perth, Exmouth faces extreme fluctuations in its population, especially during tourist periods. Regularly ranked as one of Australia’s top 10 destinations, tourism pressures have led to increased flows into the city during peak tourism seasons. Notably, this year the city’s population increased from 3,000 people to 30,000 people as it became the center of a global solar eclipse event. This included a great video incorporating Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary, Dark Side of the Moon. How to handle massive variations in population without risk of spillovers?

Flovac installs its Vacuum Sewer System

Solar eclipse viewing in Exmouth

Flovac installed their vacuum sewage system. This installation was the solution to said problem. Its innovative air injection system adjusts the air/liquid ratios in the vacuum sewer system. Programming different valves allows the mixture to be modified to increase or decrease the amount of air along the vacuum line. This approach has become essential in tackling seasonal problems in places like Exmouth or flood-prone areas.

Flovac installs its Vacuum Sewer SystemPresentation at the AWA Conference

Last month, Rajiv Narendranathan of the Water Corporation’s Asset Management Team presented a paper at the Australian Water Association conference in Darwin. The title, “Improving Vacuum Sewer Performance with Pressure Monitoring and Scheduled Air Injection based on Pressure Trends,” highlights how this approach has transformed the operation in Exmouth.

Flovac Air Injection System Success

Monitoring pressures along the vacuum line at Exmouth has improved visibility of system operation. In addition, it has allowed the system to be adjusted to adapt to variable flows. The ability to inject air in a controlled manner has maintained the air/liquid ratio during periods of peak demand, preventing overflows.

This successful project is not limited to Exmouth; It is being implemented in numerous projects in Western Australia. Flovac has proven its expertise in automated air injection systems for the last two decades. If you want to learn more about how to optimize the smart operation of your vacuum sewage systems. We are happy and grateful to continue adding projects around the world and that our system allows people’s lives to improve.

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