Flovac installs sanitation in Port d’Aiguadolç

  • 20 December, 2023
Flovac instala saneamiento en el Port d’Aiguadolç

Flovac installs sanitation in Port d’Aiguadolç

We are pleased to share our latest project: the installation of a double sanitation system in the Port Esportiu d’Aiguadolç. At Flovac we offer innovative sanitation solutions for all types of spaces.

History of the Puerto Esportiu d’Aiguadolç: A Reference in Sitges since 1972

Port d’Aiguadolç-Sitges SA has been the owner of the concession of the Port Esportiu d’Aiguadolç since February 19, 1972. This port has been a reference in the municipality of Sitges. Its strategic location 40 km south of the Massís del Garraf, but also for the wide variety of sports activities it offers. From diving to sailing regattas, canoeing and nautical services, the port stands out in a protected natural environment of high environmental interest

Innovation and Sustainability in Action with Flovac

The double sanitation system that we have installed allows differentiated collection of wastewater, adapting to the specific needs of each area of the port. This will allow the collection of wastewater for the nautical port’s own use to be differentiated from the wastewater of the fishing village (rainwater excluded). An independent system for each use will encourage the collection of water to the vacuum station and its subsequent independent delivery with sampling to the existing EBAR on Paseo de las Drassanes and from this to the outdoor public sewer. The separation of rainwater and the implementation of independent systems guarantee efficient and ecological treatment.

Flovac instala saneamiento en el Port d’Aiguadolç

Firstly, the sanitation system for nautical uses will also allow the collection of hydrocarbon and bilge water using specific equipment. In addition, the hydrocarbon and bilge water will be collected and concentrated at a point close to its origin to carry out the separation using laminators, decanters and coalescence systems of the polluting load.

Secondly, the collection and management of these elements by the authorized waste manager will close the circle of pollutant management and manage the waters of the concession normally. Remaining effluent will be incorporated into the public sewer system.

The double sanitation network will have about 1,800m of main lines to serve the seaside town. This town has approximately 170 apartments, a 50-room hotel, and about 17 restaurant businesses. In the case of the Marina, the services associated with over 742 moorings.

The vacuum network will always be designed above the existing water table and will be completely sealed to guarantee the depression necessary for its operation between -550 and -650hPa.

Eventually, with this project, Port d’Aiguadolç reaffirms its firm commitment to the protection and respect for the immediate maritime-terrestrial environment and the environment in general. At Flovac we are excited to continue sharing news about innovative initiatives that make a difference in the preservation of our beautiful maritime environment.

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