Flovac was awarded the sewer of Marina Vela

  • 27 September, 2016
marina vela

Flovac’s vacuum sewer system in Marina Vela

Flovac will install its vacuum sewer system in the new marina in Barcelona: Marina Vela. The marina will have 136 berths to take in boats up to 50 meters in length, which can be served without displacement. In addition, Marina Vela is located next to the beach and close to the city center, which will make it an exceptional commercial hub with high standing services around.

To complete its wide range of services, Marina Vela Barcelona has a fully automated last generation dry dock with capacity to accommodate a total of 222 boats up to 9 meters long and 4 tons.

Flovac system installation

The system designed and installed by Flovac will collect both discharges of the own marina buildings such as the restaurant, offices, locker rooms, gym, etc. as wastewater from boats docked at Marina Vela.

Marina Vela

Marina Vela Barcelona

The vacuum system implemented will have two vacuum networks. One, for wastewater generated in the marina (urban wastewater). And the other one, which goes parallel, for bilge water, which requires treatment prior to discharge into the sewage collected of the port.

Besides ensuring the impossibility of discharges into the sea, the vacuum system is the most economical solution at the level of execution of work, since by their own design characteristics, the pipe network doesn’t need to be buried in deep underground and neither needs intermission pumping.

The vacuum system, besides guaranteeing the impossibility of discharges into the sea, is the most economical solution at the level of work execution. This is because by its own design characteristics, the pipe network does not need to be buried at great depths. Furthermore, it does not require intermediate pumping or any electricity in the collection pit, since the energy is provided by the vacuum network itself.

For all these reasons, vacuum sewage systems are the best option for marinas and ports, regardless of the size of the facilities. The system is able to capture both wastewater from ships and also from the facilities around the port.

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