Flovactronic software integrates into marina management in Canouan

  • 25 November, 2020

Sandy Lane Yacht Club & Residences

Sandy Lane Yacht Club is the luxury marina that has made Canouan the yachting hub of the Grenadines. This large complex, which occupies the southern reaches of the Caribbean island, owns a 120-berth marina – which includes 24 super-yacht berths -, a commercial area, hotels and a residential area of luxury villas.


Sandy Lane Yacht Club & Residences, Canouan

Flovac was commissioned the design and installation of a vacuum sewerage system to provide service to the complex – from the marina to the buildings in the resort -, which took about 2 years to complete. The project, which lasted two years, ended with a 2.5 km long sewage network, a vacuum station and a reclaimed water treatment plant. Given the difficulty of the project on such a small island, the vacuum station and the treatment plant were supplied in plug & play containers. All of this to serve both the marina and the complex’s buildings.

Sandy Lane Yacht Club became the first port in the Caribbean to have a vacuum sewerage system. Now, they have requested Flovac’s monitoring system to manage and supervise the installation.

Flovac’s Monitoring Software: Flovactronic

Flovactronic is a smart software – designed and developed by Flovac – which monitors all aspects of vacuum sewerage systems. Its main feature is to identify any issues in the network, such as infiltration, blockages or failures that may occur.


Vacuum Pump Station Control Panel

Flovactronic technology allows operators to control any installation from either the vacuum station, the control center or the headquarters, on any device with connection to the Internet anywhere on the planet. The control can be easily adapted to both new and already existing SCADAs.

Flovactronic’s Main Control Sections

The monitoring takes place in three main sections:

Vacuum Pump Station. It monitors mechanical and electrical equipment at the vacuum pump station and tracks its energy consumption.

Vacuum Network. It detects any inflow or infiltration into the vacuum system, monitors the vacuum pressure within the system and identifies the location of breaks or leaks in the vacuum main.

Vacuum Valves. It monitors the opening and closing of the vacuum valves, records the open time of the vacuum valve and keeps track of the air/liquid ratio.

Flovactronic integration in BMS

Flovac will integrate Flovactronic to the resort’s BMS (Building Management System) in order to keep up with the status of all buildings.

Flovactronic’s real-time monitoring will reduce the response time to any incidents that may occur, therefore improving the safety of the system. Our software does not only work for marinas and port facilities. It can also be used in residential developments, industrial sites and supermarkets, among other situations. Flovactronic’s versatility and adaptability are the best guarantee of success.

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