Formation day in SUBDERE in the first Flovac installation in Llay-Llay (Chile)

  • 17 March, 2017

Flovac was part of the formative conference organized by Llay-Llay’s city council and the regional government

A Flovac’s delegation was recently in Chile, in Llay-Llay commune, where the first vacuum sewage installation of the country is being built. As this technology is innovative for the Chilean technicians, a conference was organized for all the interested in Flovac’s system, making it coincide with the formation day of the Regional Development Subsecretary (SUBDERE).

His Excellency the mayor of Llay-Llay, Mr. Mario Marillanca, welcomed Flov

FLOVAC’s Commercial Manager during the conference in Llay-Llay

ac’s Commercial Manager, Mr. Bruno Galindo, who introduced the project that is being developed and explained the operating mode of this type of sewage. In the audience there were more than 45 technicians of the SUBDERE, as well as other technicians from different localities of the area. In the room a vacuum chamber was installed in order to show to the attendees the different components of this part of the system.


After the presentation, the attendees visited the construction site and they could watch every part of the process and even a working valve, which was the end of the SUBDERE’s formation day.

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