Marina Barcelona 92’s enlargement will have vacuum sewage

  • 12 May, 2017
Saneamiento por vacío en Marina Barcelona 92

Flovac will install its vacuum system in the new facilities of MB92

MB92, a company specialized in maintenance and repair of big yachts, will build a new shiplift (a lifting platform that moves vessels between the water and a working area in the yard) which will allow to haul out yachts up to 4.000 tons, twice its current capacity. It will be able to provide service to yachts between 50 and 220 meters. And this facility will have Flovac’s sanity system.

Flovac has got the adjudication of the enlargement’s sewage, which will be in a surface of 20.000 m2 in the area currently known as Catalonia’s Dock and Nave de Pintura.

The Flovac’s vacuum sanity system will collect the industrial waste water (in this case, those from cleaning the hulls) and the first minutes of rain (as it is an outdoor area, the rain can sweep along some waste to the sea, which it is avoided with tanks and the transport of the gathered waste water to the treatment plant).

Furthermore, in the first phase of the enlargement the sewage system which will provide service to vessels, without the need of transporting the waste water or making the boats go to a special place, and to the buildings of the area was installed.

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