MB92’s enlargement will have a vacuum sewerage system

  • 12 May, 2017
vacuum sewerage system

Flovac will install its vacuum system in the Port of Barcelona

MB92, a company specialized in the maintenance and repair of big yachts, will build a new docking system in the Port of Barcelona (a lifting platform that moves vessels between the water and a working area in the yard). This new platform, called shiplift, will allow to haul out yachts up to 4.000 tons, twice its current capacity. Thanks to this enlargement, it will be possible to provide service to yachts between 50 and 220 meters. Flovac got the adjudication of the enlargement’s sewerage, which will be installed in a 20.000 m2 surface in the area currently known as Catalonia’s Dock and Painting Werehouse.

Flovac’s vacuum sewerage system

The new vacuum sewerage system will collect industrial wastewater (which comes from washing ship hulls) and the first minutes of rain. Since it is an open-air area, the rain could wash debris into the sea and contaminate the area. This will be avoided by means of tanks and the transport of the collected waters to the treatment plant. In addition, in the first phase of the expansion, the sewerage system that serves the vessels will be installed at their mooring, without the need to transport the waste in a tank or move the vessel. The buildings in the area will also be served by the new system.

Marinas and port facilities

Flovac system is the best new concept for sewerage at sportive ports, marinas and harbours. Installing a Flovac vacuum sewerage system allows to manage the port sewerage and, at the same time, collect wastewater from ships or singular points. The ease of installation is one of its main advantages.

All pipework within the marina area is small diameter and can be laid at a fairly flat grade in trenches or pinned underneath the docks. Also, as all pipework is under a negative pressure, it can be installed in the same trench as water supply or power supply. This reduces the amount of trenching that is required and therefore the time and cost of installation. Furthermore, the sealing at the pipe network guarantees that no wastewater can leak out, thus ensuring the safety of the installation and reducing any environmental risks. For more information, watch the following video (megayacht discharging wastewater at its mooring with the Flovac vacuum sewage system):

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