New vacuum sewerage system in Santa Pola

  • 13 July, 2016
santa pola

Santa Pola has now a vacuum sewerage system

Flovac has worked together with the water authorities in Valencia to solve the sewerage problems in Santa Pola, a coastal municipality in Alicante. The main issues were the aging septic tanks and the frequently salt water seepage into the sewer system, which caused several system clogs and also bad odors. Hidraqua, a company in the water and environment sector, has been in charge of the installation of the new vacuum sewage system with the collaboration of Flovac.

In this video, our client Hidraqua explains the advantages of the new system for the construction and the sanitation network management.

Technical aspects of the project

This innovative system is based on 3 interrelated elements: the vacuum station, the vacuum network and the vacuum pit/valve assembly.

The first element, the vacuum station, is made up of the following components. An accumulator tank, the vacuum generators, the impulsion pumps and the deodorizing filter. The Flovactronic panel, which is in charge of controlling and commanding the entire set, is also included in this network.

The second element, which is in constant negative pressure, is the vacuum network. It is made up of PVC PN10 pipes, with diameters ranging from 90 mm to 315 mm maximum. The morphology of the 10 general manifolds, the distribution of the 150 secondary branches and the 177 isolating valves allow exemplary operation of the more than 1000 Flovac 3” vacuum valves. These components are able to isolate a sector at any time in the event of any incident of any kind.

The third item is the 3” vacuum pit/valve assembly. This assembly is responsible for accumulating the wastewater from the houses for a short period of time. Then, thanks to the force of the vacuum, the valve opens and sucks all the sewage from the pit without needing electricity.

The cyclical repetition of this action allows the waste to be transported progressively to the vacuum station, which in turn will send the waste to the corresponding treatment plant. For more information about the installation of the vacuum sewerage system in Santa Pola, click here.

santa pola

Vacuum station

santa pola

Collection pits


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