The Port of Bilbao opts for vacuum sewerage by the hand of Flovac

  • 31 May, 2023
Flovac lidera la revolución del sistema de alcantarillado por vacío

The Flovac vacuum sewerage system chosen for the sanitation of the Port of Bilbao

We are very happy to announce that we are going to carry out the cleaning of the vacuum sewage system of the Port of Bilbao. The port has taken a big step towards modernizing its sanitation system with the selection of Flovac for phase I of the sanitation project “Muelles Santurtzi y espigón central”. This innovative solution, which addresses the challenges of an area with 40 discharge points and a high water table, offers an efficient and sustainable alternative without the need for deep trenches. In addition, the system will be equipped with Flovactronic, an advanced technology that will allow the status of the vacuum network to be monitored and controlled effectively. This milestone adds to our revolution of vacuum sewer systems around the world.

Flovac leads the vacuum sewer system revolution


In this project we face a significant challenge in terms of sanitation due to the high concentration of discharge points and a high water table in the Port of Bilbao. These conditions make the traditional sewerage system inefficient and expensive to implement. This is where Flovac vacuum sewer technology presents itself as a revolutionary solution.

Flovac’s vacuum sewer system uses the difference in atmospheric pressure to transport waste efficiently and safely. Instead of relying on an underground pipe system, this system uses a smaller diameter pipe network, allowing space constraints to be overcome and the need for deep trenches to be minimized. With a single vacuum point, service can be provided to the entire area of the Port of Bilbao, even through the longest branch of more than 2.5 km.

Flovac has integrated its Flovatronic Technology

In addition, to guarantee optimum operation and efficient management of the system, Flovac has integrated its Flovactronic technology . Flovactronic is an advanced monitoring system that allows you to monitor the status of the vacuum network in real time. With this tool, port authorities will be able to detect any anomaly or blockage, ensuring proactive maintenance and a prompt response to any incident.

Flovac leads the vacuum sewer system revolution


Therefore, the choice of Flovac as a supplier for the Bilbao Port sanitation project was based on our experience and proven excellence. The Basque Water Agency and the Bilbao-Vizcaya Water Consortium visited the largest vacuum sanitation facility in Europe, located in Santa Pola. This one is operational since 2006, to obtain precise and valuable information on the implications both during the construction phase and in long-term maintenance. After this visit, they approved that the vacuum technology chosen was that of Flovac.

In conclusion, the updated sanitation project for the Port of Bilbao marks an important milestone in the application of vacuum sewerage technologies in Spain. Flovac, as a leader in the sector, has been selected to implement its innovative system in the area of the Santurtzi Docks and central breakwater. We are sure that we will bring an innovative and long-lasting solution while bringing our efficient and sustainable approach to the vacuum sewerage system.

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