Port Vell, an elite marina

  • 2 October, 2015

Port Vell, among the 10 new navies competing with the elite to attract megayachts

Marina OneOcean Port Vell appears on YachtingPages as one of ten marinas that compete with the elite for attracting megayachts. Inaugurated in 1992 for Barcelona’s Olympic Games, this marina has recently been remodeled to house the world’s largest yachts. Specifically, it currently has the capacity to house megayachts of up to 190 m in length.

port vell

Marina OneOcean Port Vell

In this renovation, special care has been taken to protect the environment with the installation of a Flovac vacuum sewer system.

Thanks to this system, the OneOcean Port Vell Marina now has a wastewater network for boats (megayachts have a waste connection in their own turret) and a bilge network with different connection points in the marina itself.

Flovac’s vacuum station

The vacuum station installed by Flovac allows yachts to have both wastewater and bilge service, in addition to collecting other wastewater from buildings, toilets and showers located in the same complex, without the need for deep excavations or intermediate pumping. The great advantage of this system is that, in the event of a break in the pipeline, there would be no discharge into the sea. This is because the pipe network is under negative pressure. This is why the installation can be placed in the same place as the water or electrical supply, and this way large excavations can be avoided in the port. In the event of a possible leak, only air would enter the system, giving the appropriate alarm in a matter of minutes.

For all this, the vacuum sewer system is the easiest and most ecological system for ports and marinas. In addition, this system guarantees the MARPOL certificate to boat owners, much needed nowadays. Environmental regulators require this certificate to guarantee that no sewage or waterwaste has been dumped into the sea.

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