Start of Flovac’s works in Marina Vela

  • 13 January, 2017

Flovac’s works in Marina Vela will begin this month

Marina Vela, the new marina in Barcelona, will have a Flovac vacuum sewerage system. The works will begin this January.

Marina Vela will have 136 moorings for boats up to 50 meters in length. In addition, it will also have a state-of-the-art Dry Marina. This marina will be fully automated, with the capacity to house a total of 222 vessels up to 9 meters in length and 4 tonnes of weight.


Marina Vela Barcelona

Flovac’s system in Marina Vela

The vacuum system that will be implemented in Marina Vela will have two vacuum networks: one for urban waters (wastewater generated in the marina) and another parallel network where bilge water will be collected, which requires treatment prior to its discharge to the port sewer.

The works, which will begin this month, will allow both the collection of wastewater from the boats docked in Marina Vela and the discharges from the marina’s own buildings, such as the restaurant, offices, changing rooms, the gym, etc.

Vacuum sanitation in marinas and ports

Flovac vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas and ports regardless of the size of the facility. The system can capture sewage and bilge water from both boats and other facilities around the marina complex, such as restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings. The main advantages of the system are:

Small carbon footprint. All pipework can be buried into narrow and shallows trenches, thus reducing any environmental risks. Also, there isn’t any chance of sewage spills as all pipework operates under a negative pressure. Any break in the pipework suck air into the system which can be easily repaired. Lastly, sealing at vacuum net allows keeping a low salinity level inside pipes, which saves future complications on periodic controls.

Easy installation. All components are supplied at site (prefabricated vacuum station, preassembled suck-out points…) and they are installed by Flovac professional operators. Also, vacuum pipes have small diameter and they are installed on shallows trenches, thus avoiding deep excavations. Furthermore, pipework lifts are used to not affect other services (like communications, electrical supplies, etc…).

Low maintenance. The Flovac vacuum station is reliable because its equipment are specially designed and modified for vacuum sewerage system. Also, Flovac system does not need registration points because every collection point is an access to inspection vacuum lines. Additionally, the automatic Flovactronic software manages all motors, sensors, indicators and alarms in the vacuum station.

Low cost. Prefabricated vacuum station and preassembled pits and suck-outs save execution costs and reduce execution times. Moreover, there are no grinder pumps required for distant points, so power is only required at vacuum station.

This video shows how the Flovac vacuum sewerage system works in ports. Megayacht unloading wastewater at its mooring.

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