Supermarkets chain Carrefour trusts in Flovac’s technology

  • 26 September, 2017

Supermarkets chain trusts Flovac’s vacuum sewerage

One of the Carrefour centres, placed in an important shopping centre in Barcelona, bet on Flovac technology already in 2014 for its remodulation. Now, in a new renovation of the store, the supermarkets trust again in our system.

Supermarkets facilities

Fridge’s condensate collector

Vacuum sanitation is especially useful to evacuate fridges’ condensates, something essential for an establishment like this one. The network of small diameter pipes can be installed in the store ceiling (or false ceiling). This characteristic facilitates the location change of the fridges, as there is no need to rebuild the floor to install new gravity pipes.

Vacuum sewerage in supermarkets

Pipe network in the ceiling

This net isn’t conditionate to a slope thanks to the vacuum force. The gravity system needs bigger diameters and slopes. Another advantage is the pneumatic functioning of vacuum valves, which don’t need electrical power. Therefore -and for other technic characteristics- big supermarkets trust Flovac’s technology.

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