The biggest pier in the Mediterranean will benefit from Flovac’s sanitation

  • 29 July, 2021
El nuevo pantalán de club de mar contará con tecnología Flovac /pier

Flovac’s vacuum sanitation system is going to be added in the remodeling taking place in the marina Club de Mar Mallorca, which will include the fitting out of a new superyachts pier. The pier will be able to accommodate four yachts between 170 and 136 meters and up to 24  beam lenght. Therefore, the marina will commemorate its 50 anniversary with a innovative, reliable and green sanitation.

Flovac will supply and install the vacuum sewerage equipment. This will be used for both the vessels at berth as the buildings in the marina as well. During the project writing phase, Flovac stood out for the design of the sanitary network, adding our operation team know-how in its intervention.


The pier will be able to accommodate up to four biggest vessels simultaneously.

In addition to be part of the setting up and launching, Flovac will provide some equipment to the marina. As in all Flovac’s vacuum sanitation systems, this will have pits containing vacuum valves to collect wastewater from the buildings, pipes with the manufacturer certificate and a 50 years life cycle. Also, Flovac will supply the vacuum station equipment.

Flovac’s vacuum sanitation system is the preferred one to marinas

Regarding the superyachts, Flovac’s system allows to provide service in the berth itself, with no need of tanks nor pumps. Vacuum sanitation is the preferred one to marinas because the pipes can reach the collection pits with shallow trenches. For luxury marinas, Flovac designed a AISI316 stainless steel turret. Flovac turrets have accessories to connect the hoses that suction wastewater from vessels. For the superyachts that have impulsion pumps, Flovac will supply to the marina catch basins with diverse dimensions to adapt to the pier. And turrets with suction for those which don’t have an impulsion system.

All the sanitation system have sensors that provide the vacuum valves and vessels impulsion’s condition. As well as a software to calculate the flow from the megayachts. We know the space restriccions in berths and piers, that is why we designed and manufactured the vacuum catch basins according to the available space.

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