Vacuum sanitation, the most adequate to the conditions of the beach

  • 21 January, 2020
WC en la playa de Gandía

Flovac’s vacuum sewerage system is ideal to the characteristics of the beach

Playa zanja beach

A superficial trench during the system installation in Gandia

The beach presents particular conditions that can be a challenge when it comes to install a sanitation system. Due to its location close to the sea, the water level is too high and the sand makes construction more difficult. The systems overuse in touristy seasons can cause blockages and, therefore, problems and smelling.

However, Flovac’s vacuum sewerage find none of these obstacles when installed in a beach. Furthermore, it is the most adequate for those areas. Hermetic pipes and vacuum force prevent filtration to the ground, something essential to the shore preservation. This system doesn’t need deep trenches, which facilitates its installation in the beach and decreases construction costs.

It is highly recommended for touristy areas, where sanitation pipe network often blocks. In the conventional gravity sewerage waste just pile up until the pipes get clogged. This can cause a bad functioning of the network, smelling and even fissures and filtration to the ground. On the other hand, vacuum force drags any sediments, avoiding that usual problem. In addition to that, the fact that it can be installed wherever it is more practical to the users is a big game changer.

In gravity sanitation infiltrations to the system are common. That represents a big problem in areas with high salty water level, as it prevents the treatment plan from working correctly. For this reason the vacuum sewerage system is the most adequate for areas close to the sea. Hermetic pipes also prevent the infiltration.

Santa Pola‘s case, where Flovac installed its sanitation system, is a great example of the application of this sewerage, as it was able to solve the collectors infiltration and subsoil instability problems. After this success case, other coastal city councils trusted in Flovac’s vacuum technology for their sanitation facilities.

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