Vacuum sewerage as an innovative solution for the sanitation of urban and port areas

  • 29 March, 2023

Vacuum sewerage as an innovative solution.

Sanitation of urban and port areas can be a significant challenge due to limitations in topography, high water table and the presence of existing infrastructure. In addition, traditional sanitation solutions, such as conventional sewer networks, can be expensive and require deep and extensive excavation, which can have a negative impact on the environment and port activities.

However, there is an innovative solution to these problems: vacuum sewers. This technology uses a network of vacuum-sealed pipes to transport wastewater and solids via gravity. Vacuum is generated in a vacuum station for networks up to 3 km in length, reducing the need for deep excavation and minimizing environmental impact.


Flovac Vacuum Sewer System


Vacuum sewerage also has several advantages compared to conventional sewerage solutions, such as the ability to transport wastewater over long distances and the ability to add new discharge points without having to modify the existing pipe network.

The South Dock sanitation project in the Port of Huelva, Spain, is an example of how vacuum sewer technology can be used to overcome sanitation challenges in a port environment.


Flovac, the only company in Spain that can design, supply and assemble vacuum sewerage equipment


The winning company, Probisa, has contracted Flovac for the supply and assembly of the vacuum sewerage equipment as an innovative solution.

We started work on the South Dock, a flat area with a high water table and a length of more than 6 km. The vacuum sewerage network is expected to serve 27 discharge points, including industries in the area and the passenger terminal. Thanks to vacuum sewerage technology, the project can be carried out with only 2 vacuum stations and without the need for deep excavation.

In summary, vacuum sewerage is an innovative and sustainable solution for the sanitation of urban and port areas.

The South Dock sanitation project in the Port of Huelva is an excellent example of how this technology can overcome sanitation challenges and reduce environmental impact.


If you would like more information on vacuum sewerage or progress on the South Dock sanitation project, please do not hesitate to contact Flovac.

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