Vacuum Sewerage, the best option in marinas

  • 4 December, 2017
Port Vell trust Flovac's vacuum sewerage

The vacuum sewerage allows boats to download the wastewater in the berth with no need of pumping.

Thanks to Flovac’s vacuum system, a megayacht of more than 150 meters of length, downloads its wastewater in the berth. It does it in Port Vell, where there was no need of installing a pumping system and the pipe net is settled on the sea level to the vacuum station.

That is why, as well as the other yachts that arrive to this marina, they don’t have to worry about getting a tanker truck to download the wastewater, as they would be forced to do in a marina without a vacuum sewerage net.

In this video, you can see how wastewater are being downloaded from the megayacht to a Flovac’s connection point. You can also see that the vacuum valve is placed right on the sea level and that it works without any trouble, as you can see in the Flovac’s control screen.

Port Vell isn’t the only marina that trust in Flovac’s technology, more marinas are installing this innovative and effective system that doesn’t need the amount of inversion and difficulties that it has the installation of a gravity sewerage in a flat area with a high sea level.

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