Balearic islands’ marina will have Flovac’s technology

  • 14 June, 2019

Flovac will install its system in the first marina from the Balearic Islands to work with vacuum sanitation.

Flovac’s vacuum sewerage provides service to the boats in the berth, which is essential for the optimum functioning of a marina. Flovac pedestals along the marina are connected to the boats with a hose. The waste and black water are transported to the vacuum pipe net due to the vacuum force. For bigger boats there is a pit in the pedestals. When the water reaches an optimum level, the vacuum valve opens and the vacuum force absorbs the waste water to the vacuum station. This way, the system only needs electric power in the station. As it is the vacuum force and not the gravity what moves water, there is no need of pumping or deep trenches.

Flovac offers an efficient and eco-friendly sewerage, that is why it provides service to the boats in the berth. Not only it facilitates the treatment of waste and black water but it also avoids that boats have to move to the collecting point. This advantage guarantees the right collection of waste water and prevents pollution.

Besides being the only solution to provide service to the boats without using a tanker truck, Flovac’s vacuum sewerage also works for the buildings in and around the marina with the same station. The station doesn’t have to be installed close to the pits but it can be placed wherever is best for each project.

Flovac’s vacuum sanitation system is the most adequate sewerage for the Balearic Islands, as the vacuum force can absorb any object, avoiding blocking that can occur with the excess of tourism in summer, as well as it has a remote control to supervise the system and facilitate the maintenance.

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