Canouan: Vacuum sewer reaches the Caribbean

  • 5 May, 2016

Flovac will install its sewerage system in Canouan

Flovac has got a new adjudication in a Caribbean island: Canouan. It is a small island (7.6 km² surface) located in the Grenadines chain, belonging to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Caribbean Sea.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea

The project will be implemented in a luxury marina that will house megayachts of up to 100 meters in length. Following the success of the Port Vell Marina, Flovac will install again a vacuum sewer system that will serve the ships in their mooring (with no need of displacement) in addition to the marina buildings, such as hotels, villas and other facilities.

System installation in Canouan

Flovac vacuum sewer technology will provide service to a network of over 4 kilometers with a single vacuum station and with no need of deep trenches in the ground. This network will include a main collector of 2.5 kilometers. Furthermore, Flovac has designed the treatment plant and the vacuum station, both built in sea containers to allow rapid implementation. For this reason, when the installation works begin, it will only be necessary to add external connections and the system will become operational.

Vacuum sewerage systems for marinas

Vacuum sewerage systems are an ideal choice for use in marinas and ports, regardless of the size of the facility. The system can manage port sewerage and, at the same time, wastewater from ships or singular points.

Small carbon footprint

Another advantage of this system is its low environmental impact. All pipework can be buried into narrow and shallow trenches thus reducing any environmental risks. There is no chance of sewage spills as all pipework operates under a negative pressure. Any break in the pipeline would draw air into the system, which can be easily repaired.

Sealing at vacuum net allows keeping a low salinity level inside pipes, which saves future complications on periodic controls. On the other hand, PE Flovac pits with rubber o-rings joints are completely sealed and they avoid rain, water table and tide infiltrations. In addition, only a single electrical connection point is required in the entire system, which allows to reduce electricity costs.

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