Chiquilá (Mexico) will have Flovac technology in its renovation

  • 30 September, 2019

Flovac is supplying vacuum pumps to a new project in Mexico, expanding to North America

Chiquilá’s (Mexico) vacuum sewerage renotavion will have materials from Flovac. Vacuum pumps provided by Flovac are from the brand Busch -one of the largest vacuum pumps manufacturers. Busch products have the most advanced vacuum and low pressure technology. Flovac only works with quality materials, therefore it redesigns Busch pumps to adapt them to vacuum sewerage characteristics, as there can be corrosives gases in this type of systems. The Mexican marina chose Flovac as one of the sector’s leading company. They trust in the quality of Flovac’s materials.

The Potable Water and Sewerage Commission has already begun construction work for the rehabilitation and amplification of the system. Their goal is to finish the constructions around the end of this year. The facility will have 7.378 meters of pipes, plus a black-water treatment plant, vacuum pumps provided by Flovac and the construction of a deep pit. it is a big project that will improve significantly the management of the waste water for the Mexican marina. Vacuum sanitation is ideal in ports and marinas, where the ground is flat and the freatic level is high. Thanks to this system is possible to create a network pipe that large, which can be installed in superficial trenches and it has no need of electric power nor pumping. Electrical power is only necessary in the vacuum station, what means a big reduction of construction, maintenance and energetic costs.

Flovac vacuum sanitation system has been installed in Chile and in the Caribbean, where the company designed and installed the entire sewerage net. With this new project, Flovac keeps expanding in Latino America.

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