Facing COVID-19: Flovac vacuum sanitation in field hospitals

  • 9 May, 2020

Flovac installed its vacuum sewerage system in three field hospitals in Valencia, Castellón and Alicante (Spain). To provide service to the provisional hospitals, Flovac took its plug & play system. This system is ideal for temporary facilities, as it is effective, it doesn’t create odor problems, obstructions and neither is necessary to build in the field. Furthermore, it is a complete system, which means that besides collecting the wastewater it includes a portable vacuum station. There is no need for tanker trucks to move the waste.

Instalación en el hospital de campanya de Castellón / Facility in the field hospital in Castellón

Facility in the field hospital in Castellón

In this case, the station was settled in two benches connected between them and with the catch basins with hoses. For the construction of the field hospitals a concrete slab to set the tents was built, along with corrugated tubes to let the sanitation hoses go through the facilities. The hoses go from some courtyards in the center of the hospital, where the toilet modules were installed. There are found the catch basins as well, which collet the wastewater, and the vacuum valve. It is where the vacuum network starts.

Válvula de vacío Flovac en el hospital de campaña de Castellón /Flovac vacuum valve in the field hospital in Castellón

Flovac vacuum valve in the field hospital in Castellón

The corrugated tubes go down up to a point and then they go up again to the surface in another point thanks to the vacuum force. There is no need of pipes with gradients, as it would had been necessary with a gravity system. Odors are not a problem with Flovac system, as the valve empties the catch basin with only 15 cm of water, before wastewater can ferment as it happens in pumping, which are not needed here.

In this moment we are living a global scale sanitary crisis and Spain is one of the most affected countries. With this situation, we must work together to face COVID-19 in the most effective way. In Flovac we worked and we keep working to guarantee the good functioning of the Valencian field hospitals as fast as possible and always protecting our workers’ health.

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