Flovac in the future IGY Málaga Marina

  • 25 March, 2022

Vacuum sewerage is a system that is often used in complex areas, where the traditional system (gravity) cannot be installed due to ground conditions. For example, areas that are difficult to access or environmentally sensitive areas.

Vacuum systems are very effective, as their design successfully prevents the leakage of wastewater into the ground. Today Flovac is one of the leading companies in the international vacuum sewerage sector and is responsible for implementing sewerage solutions to reduce pollution and preserve the planet for future generations.

Reducing the ecological footprint and odours with the future IGY Málaga Marina

The American group Island Global Yachting (IGY) and the Spanish Ocean Capital Partners (OCP) have entrusted Ferrovial with the construction of the future IGY Málaga Marina. When completed, it will accommodate boats from 24 to 180 metres in length with a total of 31 berths available.

Among its most relevant services is the possibility of emptying the waste water from these boats at their own mooring without the need to use the famous vacuum trucks. These trucks, which are used for unblocking pipes, will not be necessary thanks to the vacuum sewerage system that will be implemented.

By preventing the presence of vacuum trucks on the quay, odours will be prevented because the water is immediately sucked by the vacuum system into a network of pipes to the vacuum station. It will also avoid polluting the sea water and respect the ecosystem.


Flovac was responsible for the design of the sewerage system in the marina refurbishment and has now been awarded the supply and installation of the vacuum sewerage system equipment by Ferrovial. This decision has been taken due to the positive impact that this type of sewerage system has on the professional, environmental and civic level, ratifying IGY and OCP’s commitment to the environment, the reduction of pollutant and noise emissions and the integration of its marinas with the city.

Flovac, the green future of sewerage

Vacuum sewer systems are considered to be one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods of transferring wastewater to treatment plants. Flovac is recognized as the largest designer and operator of vacuum sewer systems in the world.

The most relevant aspect is that this system ensures that no wastewater leaks into the environment. It is therefore friendly to ecosystems and their preservation.

From Barcelona, Flovac serves the whole of Spain, Latin America and the Middle East. Most of its applications are in developments near the beach, in marinas or industrial estates.

Flovac is a company that guarantees the installation of an exclusive sewerage system, ensuring its involvement from design to operational excellence.

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