Flovac vacuum toilets for boats, trains and planes

  • 28 April, 2021
WC para barcos, trenes y aviones. Saneamiento Flovac.

Flovac provides vacuum toilets for boats, trains and planes

Flovac vacuum technology is suitable for a great deal of applications. One of them is the installation of vacuum toilets in public transport, such as ships, trains and airplanes. The best solution for situations in which water consumption has to be very low is to install a vacuum toilet. Vacuum toilets use less than one liter of water per flush, while conventional toilets use between 8 to 12 liters per flush. This means that vacuum WC’s save more than 90% of the overall water consumption.

Flovac vacuum toilets consist of a bowl assembly with a vacuum valve and a push button. The installation of the set is very simple, since it is carried out with the special anchoring technique that guarantees a safe and robust hold. The activation of the vacuum valve can be either pneumatic or electrical. To make the installation of the toilet easier, Flovac supplies pre-assembled WC sets, as well as supplying spare components for vacuum valves of all brands and ejector stations.

Flovac vacuum toilet for boats, trains and planes.

Flovac Vacuum Toilet

The most eco-efficient technology for on-board toilets

Flovac vacuum technology within the transport sector provides service for all types of vehicles with on-board toilets: railways, boats, airplanes, etc. Because of the reduced water consumption and its ease of installation, Flovac vacuum toilets are the most suitable option for on-board WC’s.

Vacuum sewerage systems use differential air pressure and gravity to rapidly transport sewage in a network of essentially empty pipes from collection pits to a central collection tank. Wastewater flows by gravity from the starting point to a collection pit, which does not require electricity.

A batch of sewage enters the vacuum system when the atmospheric Flovac valve opens in a collection pit and the sewage is sucked into the vacuum main. The Flovac valve remains open briefly following the removal of the sewage from the pit sump allowing atmospheric air to enter the suction pipe and blow the sewage batch toward the vacuum pump station, which houses a collection tank, discharge pumps, vacuum pumps and the control panel.

Flovac vacuum toilet for boats, trains and planes.

Flovac Vacuum Toilet and Pipe 

Since all pipes are under negative pressure, no wastewater can leak out. Any possible break in the pipe would draw air into the system, which can be easily repaired. In this way, installation complications are very unlikely to happen. Also, as power is required only at the vacuum pump station, it allows for reduced energy costs.

The main advantages of the Flovac technology for toilets in boats, trains and planes are:

  • Easy installation thanks to the pre-assembled set.
  • Low cost and low maintenance.
  • Low environmental impact due to water and energy savings.

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