Flovac’s first installation in Chile

  • 1 March, 2016

Flovac’s first installation in Chile

Flovac has been selected to carry out the first installation of vacuum sewage in Chile. The project will be executed in the Llay-Llay area, a city that belongs to the province of San Felipe de Aconagua, in the Valparaíso region. Llay-Llay is located about 95 km from Valparaíso and almost 90 km north of the capital, Santiago de Chile.

first installation in chile

Valparaíso, Chile

Thanks to Flovac’s installation, about 300 private homes over an area of 6.000 meters will be able to use the system. The facility will have tho main collection pits (on of them, of 2.500 meters long) and a single vacuum station. Flovac will be the specialist company that will supply the vacuum valves and the vacuum station equipment to the site. In addition, Flovac will advise the construction company and carry out the initial works of the project.

¿How does the system works?

The Flovac vacuum sewer system uses the differential of air pressure and gravity in order to effectively transport wastewater through a network of pipes. The pipes transport the content to the collection pits, which, in turn, flow into a central collection tank. From there, the waste is transported to the point of discharge, where the process ends. The wastewater, normally about 40-50 liters, enters the system when the valve opens in the collecting pit. The force of the vacuum sucks the content and transports it to the main pipe.

One of the highlighs of this system is smart monitoring (either wireless or cable), since it informs the operator of any problem that might occur in the network. The software is designed to identify any infiltration or illegal stormwater connections from the homeowner, the energy efficiency of the system through its use of air, and any blockages or failures that may occur.

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