Flovac’s first project in South Korea

  • 20 September, 2019
South Korea

South Korea based Flovac’s partners, Coway EnTech Co. Ltd., have designed and installed this unique project.

Mr Changil Koh, the Deputy Manager in charge of the project in South Korea, said that vacuum systems are very useful in handling the wastewater from the offices and facilities in industrial projects such as nuclear power plants.  They have also been installed in oil refineries and at airport facilities as no power is required at the collection points. The system uses the vacuum force and power is only needed at the vacuum station. This means that there are no points of ignition risk within the facility.Flovac's project in South Korea

Mr Koh added that the laying of the HDPE pipework was a lot easier than using gravity sewers as it can be installed above ground where required or in shallow trenches. There is more than 2 kilometres of pipework involved. As in this case, industrial complexes are built in flat areas with difficult to construct ground conditions. This is ideal for vacuum sewers.

The Shin-Kori nuclear power plant #5,6 – sanitary water transfer facility in Busan will be providing much needed power by 2022. It is owned and operated by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, a subsidiary of KEPCO. Flovac was chosen for this important project after an exhaustive trial to ensure that all of the Flovac components could handle the extreme conditions where temperatures can often drop to well below freezing.

Vacuum sewerage systems can be installed in a wide variety of projects.

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