Glossy Bay Resort and Marina Project opens in the Caribbean

  • 25 May, 2018
Glossy Bay

Flovac has provided a plug and play containerized vacuum sewer and treatment plant

Flovac’s latest project in the Caribbean has opened in Canouan at Glossy Bay Resort and Marina with Flovac providing a plug and play containerized vacuum system and treatment plant, with the vacuum pits for wastewater from buildings and boats.

The system at the Glossy Bay Marina and Resort will support a luxury marina which will accommodate mega yachts in excess of 100 meters in length. There will also be hotels villa’s, restaurants and other facilities. The island of Canouan is a two hour ferry ride to the main island of St Vincent of the St Vincent and the Grenadines group of islands in the Southern part of the Caribbean.

As the project was quite remote Flovac supplied a containerized plug and play vacuum pump station and treatment plant. All water on the island is supplied by a desalination plant, so water is precious and spared as much as possible. Treatment quality is very important so that this pristine area is not polluted in any way.

The containerized system has been used in deployable situations on a number of projects and is a great way to transport and set up a project. You can read more about Flovac’s deployable solutions.

Flovac vacuum sewerage and marine systems have become very well respected among the boating community. Flovac has completed many world class marina facilities around the world, including Italy, Australia, Greece and Spain. It was the completion of the latest super yacht facility at Marina Vela in Barcelona that caught the attention of the owners in Canouan.

You can read more about Flovac’s experience with Marina’s and why a Flovac solution is often chosen in this interview with Flovac’s expert Mr Francisco Rodríguez.

There are many positive reasons for using a vacuum system in this type of project. Fast, easy and cheap installation are some of the key attributes, but importantly for this client was the reduced risk of any overflows of sewage into the water area’s. This is a first class resort and the beach and marina areas need to be pristine. The system can also easily be monitored and maintained by the resorts utility personnel as no specialist equipment is required to handle the vacuum system.



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