‘Gran Marina del Estrecho’: a new marina for megayachts

  • 3 June, 2022
Gran Marina del Estrecho

A new first-class marina

The project under construction of the ‘Gran Marina del Estrecho’ is set to be one of Europe’s leading nautical marinas. It will be one of the most modern marinas, with first-class facilities in the Mediterranean and an exceptional base for superyachts up to 200 meters in length. Its location is in Algeciras, in the south of Spain and will be a reference in the Strait of Gibraltar.

With an investment of 50 million euros, the construction of the ‘Gran Marina del Estrecho’ is already a reality, and is expected to be operational in 2023. The new marina will have 80 moorings of between 30 and 100 meters in length and 2 moorings for cruise ships, distributed in two different docks. All kinds of services will be provided, from the assignment of moorings to the management of repairs in dry docks.

It will be equipped with an esplanade with unique buildings for nautical and commercial services, with more than 11,100 m2 built. It will have everything necessary for shipowners, captains and crew members to safely enjoy all kinds of luxuries. With 30,000 m2 of commercial space dedicated exclusively to leisure, the hospitality sector will have a major impact. The jewel in the crown will be the Yachting Club building and the shopping area, where, in addition to the best nautical equipment, we will find elite fashion and beauty brands.

‘Gran Marina del Estrecho’ and Flovac

Flovac has designed the sewerage system that will serve both the buildings and the ships.

Thanks to the vacuum sewer technology that Flovac applies in the marinas, a single vacuum station and a network of pipes installed at shallow depths allows the wastewater to be transported from each discharge point of the buildings and from each suction point of the boats to the municipal wastewater network, located outside the concession. Not only does it facilitate the movement and disposal of such water, but it also reduces the cost of transport vehicles.

The megayachts will be able to empty their sewage tanks at their own mooring into the sewage network, without the need for vacuum trucks. They will simply connect to the intakes provided in the turrets. Facilities and more facilities for a premium experience in what is intended to be an ideal stay.

Bilge and hydrocarbon water management

A second network of pipes will allow the transport of bilge water so as not to mix them. Water with traces of hydrocarbons that may be produced in the vicinity of the gas station will also be transported with this network. A second tank located at the vacuum station will receive these waters that require treatment. In the vacuum station itself, the hydrocarbons are separated before being discharged into the municipal sewer. The process carried out by Flovac will facilitate the municipality’s work and help protect the ecosystem with a safe and clean production chain to avoid all types of impurities in the sea.

The vacuum sewage system will allow the Gran Marina del Estrecho to meet the highest standards of environmental protection. Indeed, thanks to the vacuum, even if there is a crack in the pipe, there will be no discharge of sewage or bilge water and we would avoid any pollution. In any case, an air ingress into the system will be detected by the vacuum station and repaired as quickly as possible. All the comforts thought for the optimal operation of a port called to be a trend in Europe.

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