Reef Island Resort official opening in Bahrain

  • 8 June, 2018
Air view of the Reef Island

A high profile project and one of the largest scale vacuum sewerage systems ever designed had an official opening this month in Reef Island in Bahrain for its key resort projectAir view of the Reef Island marina

Reef Island decided to use a Flovac vacuum sewerage system due to the ease and speed of installation compared to using a gravity sewer systems. There was also a decision by the developers of the resort that they wanted to use world class environmental best practice and through research had discovered that this is what Flovac delivered.

The whole island is serviced by just a single vacuum station which is completely concealed underground.  The island features not only this world class resort but numerous bungalows, apartment buildings and world class restaurants.

To assist with the operations of the vacuum system Flovac has installed a monitoring system that enables the operations center in Holland to provide additional remote support. With our senior operational teams able to review the system in real time, fast communication can occur to assist those based locally.

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