Juan Carlos Díaz, new commercial delegate in Chile

  • 9 June, 2017
Delegado en Chile

Juan Carlos Díaz, new Flovac commercial delegate in Chile

According to Flovac’s philosophy of being present in the countries where it works, a new commercial delegate has been appointed in Chile. The engineer Juan Carlos Díaz will be in charge of handling the projects and attending the clients from the office of Providencia, in Santiago de Chile. The main goal is to bring the company closer to the clients we have in Chile.


Santiago de Chile

Juan Carlos Díaz is licensed in Civil Engineering with specialization in Sanitary Engineering, and has more than 30 years of work experience in the water industry. He has coordinated multidisciplinary teams in the elaboration of projects of big water purification systems in the cities of Porto Alegre (Río Grande do Sul) and Niterói (Río de Janeiro). He has also worked for the program of Service Water Depuration of Porto Alegre, among many other projects.

In Chile, his main work focus will be on the Sanitary Constructions Metropolitan Company (EMOS S.A.). Díaz will take part on technical commissions of the big projects of the company and he will work on the direction of the consulting group JJPI Ltda., where some sanitary projects have been developed.

Flovac’s presence in Chile

Since Flovac’s first project in Chile, the demand for this kind of technology has been increasing. The presence of Juan Carlos Díaz in the country will facilitate the management of the company’s projects and will get Flovac closer to Chile.

Flovac’s first project in the country was developed in the Llay-Llay area. Llay-Llay is located about 95 km from Valparaíso and almost 90 km north of the capital, Santiago de Chile. Flovac installed a vacuum sewerage network to serve 300 private homes spread over a 6,000-meter network. To read more about the project, click here.

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