Marina Vela, new marina in Barcelona

  • 15 February, 2018
Imagen extraída de la web del puerto deportivo Marina Vela

Flovac has installed its vacuum sewerage in the recently opened Marina Vela

The installed vacuum sewerage provides service to the yachts, collects the wastewater in the berth, and to the marina facilities.

The marina counts with 136 berths up to 50 meters length. Furthermore, Marina Vela is close to the beach and near the city center. That makes it an exceptional commercial link with high-quality services around it.

Marina Vela wants to provide the best service to their clients. This is why they trusted in Flovac to design and install our vacuum sewerage system.

As in ports the ground is flat and the sea level is high, the conventional gravity system ends being much more expensive. Flovac’s vacuum system doesn’t need deep trenches. Thanks to the vacuum force wastewater are transported to the station through a superficial pipes network and with no need of electric power.

In addition, the hermetic pipes avoid infiltrations in the system -from salty water- or exfiltrations from the system to the port, something that can not be guaranteed in gravity system. Any problem in the network will be detected instantly by the Flovactronic, Flovac’s telematic control, without risking to a major fail or even an accident.

Flovac solves three problems with only one installation, thanks to the collecting points in berths. Yachts only need to connect a hose to empty their wastewater. It also works to empty the septic tanks. And the system itself provides service to the marina facilities, such as offices buildings, hotels, etc.

Marina Vela, as other marinas, trusts in Flovac’s technology to provide an effective and more ecological sewerage system.

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