Septic Tank Replacement Project in Northern Estonia

  • 23 December, 2020
Septic Tank Replacement in Northern Estonia

Septic Tank Replacement Project in Estonia

Flovac was commissioned the replacing of the aging septic tanks in the village of Muraste, Northern Estonia, because they were causing environmental damage to the area. Muraste is a small town located 30 minutes drive north east of Tallinn, the capital of the country. Changing the old septic tanks to a modern secure vacuum system is also important in order to improve the health of those in the town.

Muraste, Northern Estonia, Flovac

Muraste, Northern Estonia

OÜ Flovac Nordic is based in the capital Tallinn, and the Managing Director Georg Sarap has successfully installed a number of Flovac systems throughout Estonia. The success of these projects has ensured that the townspeople, as well as the Harju County officials, were comfortable with the low costs of maintenance at the other towns.

Advantages of the Flovac System

A vacuum system was chosen to replace the septic tanks in this area due to the difficult ground conditions. The local area is known for its limestone cliffs and limestone under the surface, as well as a very high water table being right on the coast. Also, Muraste is often covered in snow, but that is not an issue since Flovac systems have proven themselves reliable in frozen conditions.

One of the important developments in how Flovac vacuum systems are managed is in the use of monitoring systems at the valve and pit. As a standard in cold conditions, we monitor the temperature in the pit via our monitoring system.

It is the installation costs which make vacuum systems a much cheaper option in towns like this, where ground conditions are very difficult. Vacuum pipework is only laid between one and two meters of depth. Because the trenches are shallow, all infrastructure can be installed much quicker than a gravity system. As a result, the installation works will have much less impact on residents.

Septic Tank Replacement Project in Northern Estonia

Vacuum Main Installation

One unique aspect of this system is that the vacuum pump station includes the countries’ first vacuum toilet. It showcases how vacuum suction works and has a clear pipe running from the toilet back to the collection tank in the station, which is great for demonstration purposes of our technology.

Septic Tank Replacement Project in Northern Estonia

Vacuum Toilet with Clear Pipe

Flovac Project in Northern Estonia

Vacuum Pump Station

Flovac Project in Northern Estonia

Collection Pit Installation

Flovac Project in Northern Estonia

Touch Screen Monitoring System

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