Success of the Flovac system in exclusive port of Marina Vela Barcelona

  • 7 April, 2021
Puerto deportivo Marina Vela Barcelona

Success of the Flovac system in Barcelona’s exclusive port of Marina Vela

Flovac’s sanitation system is the best new concept for sewerage at sportive ports, marinas and harbors. With our vacuum sewerage system it is possible to capture in an efficient and eco-friendly way both sewage and bilge water from the boats and the marina complex (hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings).

Marina Vela Barcelona, one of the most important commercial ports of the city, is one of the best examples of Flovac’s great success. Flovac was awarded in 2016 the sewer of this port. It was inaugurated in 2018 after more than 24 months of construction works.

Features of Marina Vela Barcelona

The sophisticated harbor has 130 moorings available for craft from 12 to 90 meters in length, with the most up-to-date infrastructures, exclusive top class services and the utmost privacy. The innovative facilities and excellent services are what make it a singular home port.

In addition, it is located only a few miles from the most in demand anchoring and recreational points in the Mediterranean: Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, Costa Azul, Corsica and Sardinia.

To complete its wide range of services, Marina Vela Barcelona has a fully automated last generation dry dock, with capacity to accommodate a total of 222 boats up to 9 meters long and 4 tons.

Flovac, the best sewerage system for ports and marinas

Marina Vela Barcelona wanted to provide the best experience to their clients. This is why they trusted Flovac to design and install a vacuum sewerage system that could provide service to the yachts and also collect the wastewater in the berth and the marina facilities.

The vacuum system installed in Marina Vela was made out of two vacuum networks. One network was for the wastewater of the marina, which comes from the urban buildings. And the other one for the bilge water from ships, which requires treatment prior to discharge into the sewage collection external to the port.

Environmental benefits of Flovac’s system

Vacuum sewerage systems are the safest option for harbors and marinas because there is no chance of sewage spills. All pipework within the marina area is under a negative pressure, which means that no wastewater can leak out of the pipes. This has great advantages, because it means that the pipework can be installed in the same trench as the water or power supply, thus reducing excavation works and costs.

This ease of installation is also very important when installing sewerage networks at large commercial ports. Flexibility is needed when extending areas or adding on extra commercial buildings to the port area.

Marina Vela, as other marinas, trusted in Flovac’s technology to provide an effective and ecological sewage treatment. Flovac has been involved in a number of commercial and industrial ports. Some world-class marinas with Flovac’s system are Marina Port Vell (Spain), Ana Marina (Vietnam), SLYCR Marina (Caribbean) and Sydney Superyacht Marina (Australia).

One of our highest principles is to satisfy the needs of our clients at any time. Their trust in Flovac is the best guarantee of success.

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