Vacuum sanitation, most effective option for marinas

  • 16 February, 2020
Marinas and ports

From Spain to the Caribbean or Vietnam, luxury marinas prefer vacuum sewerage

Every time more civil engineering companies, marinas and ports are interested about this technology and its benefits. Vacuum sanitation provides service to the megayachts in the berth, as well as the facilities in the marina. All with one vacuum station. Vacuum sewage is ideal in flat areas as marinas and ports, as it works with vacuum force to take waste water to the station. There is no need for pumping or deep trenches. With a lift design, pipe network is installed in a superficial trench, even in more than one kilometer long luxury marinas.

Flovac’s system for marinas works with pedestals which provide service to the yachts in their berth. A fast connection with a flexible hose can be attached to the boat’s wastewater outlet. Recollection pits are small and they are installed one meter deep. The valve inside the pit is already assembled and it is only necessary to make the connections. In this process there is no need to use any electric power but in the vacuum station. This can be installed wherever the project demands. Unlike the gravity systems, it does not have to be on the seafront.

Green sewerage in marinas and ports (Marina OneOcean Port Vell, Marina Tarraco or Marina Vela)

In addition, vacuum sewerage is the most eco-friendly solution for marinas. Its pipes are hermetic and there are not filtrations to the marina. If the pipes had a breach, the system would stop as air enters the pipes net. It does not produce bad odor because there are not overflows of wastewater. Pipe network is installed in a superficial trench, so the high salty water level does not affect the correct functioning of the water treatment plant.

The Santa Pola case, where Flovac installed its sewage system, is a great example of the application of this type of sewer, as it was able to solve the infiltration problems in the collectors and the big instability of the subsoil. Furthermore, in the touristy locations obstructions caused by the ton of tourists, the beach bars, hotels, etc. are usual. This can not happen with a vacuum system, as any obstacles are swept along with the vacuum force.

Luxury marinas that, as Sandy Lane Yacht Club (formerly Glossy Bay, in Saint Vincent and the Granadines), already count with Flovac’s vacuum sewerage, enjoy the comfort of our plug & play system vacuum stations. This system allows to containerize the station, so it is only necessary to transport it and connect it. For all these reasons, luxury marinas from around the world are talking about Flovac’s vacuum sanitation system.

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