Willem Gooren founding partner of Flovac retires

  • 15 May, 2023
Willem Gooren founding partner of Flovac retires

Willem Gooren, Founding Partner of Flovac, is retiring and in his honour, Flovac’s global management team gathered in Greece to congratulate him on his career path.

On the occasion of Willem’s retirement, the Flovac 2023 Global Leaders Conference was organized, which had a large influx of members from all over the world.

Willem Gooren has been involved with vacuum technology since 1981. Established Gooren BV in the Netherlands in 1988 and has designed over 200 systems.

During the years, established 15 Flovac offices in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Because of that, today he is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in vacuum technology . He was also a member of the European committee that developed the world’s first vacuum sewer standard. The well-known EN 1091 has long been the European standard  throughout the Middle East and Asia, as well as Europe. A great professional career that he has forged over the years and that allows the founding partner of Flovac to distance himself from the management command.

Thus, Willem will continue to be involved in some ongoing projects in the Middle East, as his wealth of experience is vital for certain challenging projects in the area.

For that reason, we want to thank Mr. Gooren for all his contributions and his vision during all these years, as well as the great leadership with which he has directed and helped Flovac grow. Thanks of this, Flovac being today one of the leading companies in its sector around the world. and with various locations around the globe.

In conclusion, the entire Flovac team wishes Willem, his wife Rosa and his family our best wishes and our sincere thanks for all of his guidance over the years.

Willem Gooren founding partner of Flovac retires

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