Installation in Canouan is about to start

  • 18 October, 2016

Flovac starts the installation in Canouan

Flovac starts the installation of a new vacuum sewerage facility in the Caribbean. Some months ago we published a press note about a future installation in the Caribbean island of Canouan. In the last month, three technicians from Flovac went to Canouan to lead the construction of the system which will give service to the new marina Glossy Bay.

Marina Glossy Bay, which inauguration is expected to be the 1st of December 2016, will accomodate yachts up to 100m length. Furthermore, it will have a commercial area, hotels and a residential area with luxury houses. Flovac’s vacuum sewerage will provide service to the boats and as well to the marina buildings.

Vacuum sewerage system

Canouan is a small 7.6 km2 Caribbean island that has no water sources. Therefore, they can only get water through desalination. This condition has led to the installation of a regenerated waterplant that, together with the Flovac system, covers both aspects.


Glossy Bay construction process.

Thanks to the Flovac vacuum sewerage system, a network of more than 4 kilometers will be covered. Flovac has designed the treatment plant and the vacuum station, integrated in maritime containers, thus allowing rapid implementation. The network will have a single vacuum station and a 2.5 kilometer main collector, without the need for deep trenches in the ground.

Vacuum sewerage systems are an ideal choice for use in marinas and ports, regardless of the size of the facility. They can handle either small or luxury boats, larger commercial vessels or ferries. The system can manage port sewerage and, at the same time, wastewater from ships or singular points. Another advantage of this system is its low environmental impact, since all pipework can be buried into narrow and shallow trenches thus reducing any environmental risks or issues.

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