Residential builders choose vacuum sewerage systems

  • 9 July, 2021

Vacuum sewerage technology resulted being a fantastic solution for builders. Many areas before considered too difficult or expensive to build sanitation (and executed with septic tanks), can now be carried out with vacuum sewerage, with the odor reduction and environment respect that it entails.

Vacuum sanitation systems usually have lower installation and maintenance costs than the traditional gravity systems and much lower than pressurized systems with grinding pumps.

Normally, only one vacuum station will be enough to support an entire project.

  • Lower installation costs.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Respectful with the environment.
  • Easy to launch.
  • Low initial capital costs.
  • Only one vacuum station.
  • Versatile vacuum station location.

Superficial trenches and small diameter pipes guarantee a fast and profitable installation. This ensures less conflicts with other services to install.

Total cost saving

A vacuum sewerage system is almost always more economical to install in plain areas than the gravity systems, due to the use of a small pipe in superficial, narrow and without register pits trenches.

Once installed, builders keep saving money, as the seal of the system prevents water (from rain or due to the high water table) from infiltrate. This is even more important if the treatment have to be paid per cubic meter when it is provided by a third-party.

Less intrusive

Es mucho menos costoso para los constructores. builders

Superficial and narrow trenches, as well as the absence of register pits, also mean that there are less alterations in the surface than with gravity systems, which need the right gradient.

These systems can turn out to be manholes, where for example, in a golf course can cause exfiltrations and unpleasant odors. All this can be avoided through a vacuum sewerage system.

Deferred  costs

Some costs in a vacuum sanitación system can be deferred. For instance, the vacuum valves don’t have to be installed until a property is sold and that cost can be added to the land selling cost.

Overcoming geographical conditions

A sewerage vacuum system can be used to to overcome geographical difficulties in an area, such as it being too plain, sandy or sulfatad grounds, underground water and rocks… All common in many new developments.

Being able to easily change the horizontal and vertical orientation, builders have a greater flexibility in the setting and building of necessary services.

Accepted superior system

Los constructores prefieren este sistema en zonas con alto nivel freático.

Many times builders install sewerage systems that are operated and maintained by a third-party. Often, the final owner is not aware of the vacuum sewerage system nor its history as a proven and liable alternative to the gravity systems.

We can help you to design the perfect system according to yours needs and to explain its properties and benefits to others.

Easy assembly

With traditional gravity sewers, as new building areas are added up, the heavy equipment and big trenches opening increase dirtiness, danger and annoyance to the existent housing and the kids who live there.

All these problems are minimized with a vacuum sanitation system.

Cutting-edge technology

Vacuum sewerage systems are used around the world and its use has multiplied exponentially in the last ten years. Many authorities have already considered vacuum sanitation systems as their best option, due to its reduced installation and maintenance cost, its ability to avoid workers having to access closed spaces and being exposed directly to wastewater.

Space saving

A single vacuum station can substitute five or six elevating stations, needed in gravity systems. With vacuum, that ground can be used to hold more housing. This also minimize hard to sell houses, as no one wants to live next to a wastewater elevating station.

Easily expandable

In a gravity system, new connections can mean new pumping, depending on the connection mark and existent pipe mark, even if there are only a few houses. In a vacuum system, connection mark won’t be a problem.

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